Monday, August 30, 2010

Steam Punk Ray Guns -- and "Carnal Curiosities"

Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities, what promised to be a very excellent place to visit. Who can resist ray guns and erotic steam punk all in one place? [Sigh; warning for the prudish kind: it's an adult site. Don't go there if that kind of thing bothers you.]

Lady Clankington, heiress and adventuress, is quite well-known for her appetite for the new and unique. Indeed, she was once the subject of quite a stir, for gentlemen known to be in her employ had been disappearing without a trace and horrors of the most frightening sort were left to the imagination. Upon later investigation, it was discovered that these individuals weren't even men at all!
And. . .
Lady Clankington is a woman of many varied proclivities.  Her lust for life is so insatiable, in fact, that mere mortals can never hope to keep up with it.  In order to avoid injuring her traveling companions, Lady C commissions the mad Dr. Visbaun to construct infernal devices to appease her appetite...for adventure. 

Unfortunately, Lady Clankington exhausts each of his inventions at an alarming rate and must commission from him a new product every now and again, in order to remain satisfied. 

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