Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spry, the Flavor Saver

I found this clipping inside an old cookbook I had bought awhile ago at the Goodwill. It's for "Spry" shortening, with a recipe for Pineapple Cream Pie.I love the "...sure make a hit with my husband!" blurb.
For more about Spry's history, with some great pics, visit the Curly Wurly blog which I found while Googling "Spry." She's scanned several images from the Spry cookbook.

On the back of the clipping are grocery ads for Citizen's Market, with prices like "assorted meat loaves" for .17¢ a pound, Beef roast for .13¢ a pound, "home made cheese" at .15¢ and roses, for .99¢ a dozen!

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