Monday, June 7, 2010

STARZ Buys US Torchwood Rights, Airs in 2011

The blog Monster Island News (great blog, great title) has an item about one of my all time favorite shows, Torchwood. Seems Starz has bought the U.S. television rights, and a 10 episode run will air in 2011. With John Barrowman/Captain Jack, and Eve Myles/Gwen, who really make the show. I can't imagine the show without Barrowman or Myles; their chemistry is fantastic, and Barrowman' Captain Jack character is Torchwood.

I realize that Dr. Who (of which Torchwood is a spin-off) changes actors, and it works, and the storyline involving Torchwood's history allows for different characters to come and go. (as we've seen in past seasons, with the passing of two characters: Dr. Owen Harper, and Toshiko Sato)  so I'm trying not to be unrealistic to the intergrity of the show, or unfair. It's just that I love Gwen and Jack so much!

And hey, is it possible for me to sound any more like a paranormal TV nerd?

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