Sunday, November 29, 2009

Duke R. Lee

My grandfather, Duke R. Lee, appeared in many westerns, was in the Tom Mix Circus, worked with director John Ford, was a carny . . . he was married to Louise Gladstone Lee, who was one of the Gladstone Sisters; they performed in Vaudville and later, my grandmother was wardrobe mistress and elephant riding acrobat in the circus. (Louise is the one on the left)

Here's a film bio on Wikipedia, and on Internet Movie Database.

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Jackie O said...

What a treat it was to find this post. We are related. My grandmother, Florence, was the youngest of the five Gladstone sisters. I met Hazel or Louise (need to ask my sister to clarify) in the early 1970's when she came to the east coast to visit my Grandmother. I have many more photos and would love to connect with you to share stories!