Saturday, September 27, 2008

Smashing Katie

I got to know about Smashing Katie from my friend Lesley, Blog Queen, who runs several blogs including, among others, The Debris Field and The Totally Girlie Blog. Smashing Katie comes to us by way of The Girlie Blog (where I'm pleased to say I'm a co-contributor.) Smashing Katie has its own twist on vintage type items. Here's a bit about the inspiration for Smashing Katie from the site:
We understand the roller coaster of emotions one goes through during a breakup. We understand that breakups happen for various reasons. We understand that sometimes the decision is one-sided, mutual, or for those special breakups, there is a third party involved that "helped" in the process. Smashing Katie spawned from such a breakup where a real Katie was the inspiration.

You can read more on the site in the "about us" section.

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