Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Coffee Jello Attempt

Well, it wasn't bad. Actually pretty good, in a strange way. As is my style, I didn't use any recipe, just added 2 C of coffee (I threw in some powdered cocoa in with the coffee when it was brewing) to the jello powder.

I used orange Jello, didn't have just plain gelatin. I think raspberry jello would be good too.

A little goes a long way! It's like uber coffee! I just ate two or three spoonfuls, and mixed that with french vanilla ice cream. Whipped cream would be a good addition. Sounds weird, but it really was good.

I think next time I should use 1 C of coffee. . . it's pretty strong with the 2 C, even though some recipes call for 2 C.

In searching the web I found a whole world of coffee jello and flan recipes; it seems to be popular in some Asian cultures. And of course, gelatin, used in the U.S. is an animal product, so many use agar instead, derived from plants. Next time I'll experiment with the agar.

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